experience-91-ebike - kayak foto kayak
experience-91-ebike - kayak foto ebike

New in 2024: eBike and Kayak Experience

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This new Experience starts with a bike departure from the RENT eBike For Me point in Via Verdi 182 in Jesolo and continues with a kayak experience in the beautiful and fascinating valleys of the Cavallino lagoon. Departure with the bikes at 09:00 from eBike For Me and arrival at our colleagues in Laguniamo where we will get off the bikes to set sail in the kayak! The kayak tour among the shallows and natural landscapes lasting about 2 hours will introduce you to and touch the beauty of our lagoon, anyone can participate and discover a whole new world! Fun for everyone!

After a short break for lunch (not included and lasting about 1 hour – packed lunch also possible), the tour will resume with the cycling experience.

The itinerary includes a ride along the cantilevered track known as the ‘via del respiro’ to head to Lio Piccolo & Mesole and information stops at some points of interest and return along the ‘via dei forti’ to experience the beauty of Cavallino Treporti in the round.

Return is scheduled at approximately 5.30 p.m. in Jesolo at the eBike For Me headquarters.

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