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san Francesco del deserto - ebike for me
Convento di San Francesco del deserto - ebike for me

San Francesco e Sant’Erasmo (Bike + Boat)

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Discovery of the islands of the Venetian lagoon, a unique experience where we will combine the flavour of the tradition of Sant’Erasmo with the meditation and spirituality of San Francesco del Deserto.

Departure from the Ebike For Me garage (Jesolo Piazza Nember) towards Treporti, where we will head towards the island of San Francesco del Deserto, an authentic place of meditation that houses a Franciscan monastery.

We will learn about the history and special features of this place of worship and meditation, which still houses a community of monks today.
After visiting the monastery, we will continue to the island of Sant’Erasmo, also known as the Garden of the Serenissima, where we will have lunch in a unique setting overlooking the Venetian lagoon.

After a tour of the island, we are ready to set sail again in the direction of Treporti.

From here, we cycle back along the cycle path of the outward journey until we arrive on schedule at the Garage eBike For Me in Jesolo, Piazza Nember.

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Aggiungi qui il testo dell'intestazione