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experience islands of San Francesco e Sant'Erasmo !

Get on the saddle of your eBike and discover the surrounding area by cycling in safety! From the Lagoon to the river Piave and on to the Punta Sabbioni lighthouse, discover the islands aboard comfortable boats: enjoy the view while tasting fresh fish and spend a day in the open air in the company of our Professional Guides

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eBike Experience: eBike + boat tour to the islands of Sant'Erasmo and San Francesco

This is one of our Experiences designed to visit by eBike the beautiful Lagoon of Venice and its two islands of Sant’Erasmo and San Francesco del Deserto.

Departure from eBike For Me and arrival in Treporti where Riccardo and Franco will be waiting for us with all their professionalism and friendliness to navigate aboard the comfortable Albatros boat; once we reach the Island of San Francesco del Deserto, the first stop, we will visit the convent of the Franciscan Friars Minor who will passionately tell us the history of these nine centuries of the convent and the parenthesis experienced by St. Francis of Assisi with the “miracle of the birds” manifested right here on the island.
Once the Brothers’ visit is over, we will head back to the Island of San’Erasmo and, once we have docked, we will take an exclusive tour of the island on our eBikes, with a stop at the table to taste fresh fish sitting on the terrace in front of the Venice Lagoon!

After lunch we will get back on our bikes to complete the tour of the island where our professional guides will tell us about the life of the island’s beekeepers and growers who, generation after generation, have made this place the famous Orto della Serenissima, cultivating the precious “castraure” and the great variety of vegetables that are still served on the tables of Venice’s most famous restaurants. Finally, we will head back up from Sant’Erasmo to disembark at the Treporti landing stage and ascend by eBike to Jesolo, riding in safety on the cycle paths along the Lagoon, taking fantastic photos from the new Cavallino-Treporti cantilevered path, the longest cycle path on water in Europe.

8:40 a.m. departure all together from eBike For Me in Via Verdi 182 (Piazza Nember)

10:15 a.m. embarkation at Treporti on board the boat Albatros

10:30 a.m. guided tour of the Franciscan Friars’ Convent on the Island of St. Francis of the Desert

12:00 p.m. noon arrival at the Island of Sant’Erasmo, the Garden of the Serenissima

12:15 p.m. tour of the island by eBike visiting the island’s vineyards, vegetable gardens and beekeeper

13:00 p.m. Everyone to the table! Fish lunch break (big salad on request!)

3.30 p.m. embarkation aboard the boat Albatros cheered by the music of Captain Franco

15:45 p.m. souvenir photo from the cycle path overhanging the Venice Lagoon

16:00 p.m. return to Jesolo