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Tour Lio PIccolo

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Have you ever heard of the village of Lio Piccolo, where time seems to stand still?

Let’s discover together this authentic wonder of the lagoon landscape, crossed by a tongue of land immersed in the waters of the Venetian lagoon, riding our e-bikes!

Leaving from eBike For Me Garage Jesolo (Piazza Nember), we will cross the wonderful cycle path overhanging the Venice Lagoon, immersed in a unique landscape of navigable canals, unspoilt nature and unforgettable views.

Not to be missed is a brief cultural stop for a visit to the small church of Lio Piccolo dedicated to Santa Maria della Neve. We will then continue in the direction of the lunch or dinner stop at one of the agriturismi offering typical local specialities, obviously based on fish.

We will then continue in the direction of Cà Savio with a visit to the Batteria Pisani Museum; returning to Jesolo with scheduled arrival at eBike for Me in Piazza Nember.

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